We start with
the Seebeck zero and 250W
plus power e-module

Our coverings
designed by
Marty Friedrich, Dipl.-Des. (FH)
First draft drawings
Pictures © Thermoelect GmbH

Seebeck zero und 250W

Basics: Seebeck zero and 250W
- 10-20 kW for heating and service water with high efficient
   wood-nano-cogeneration unit
- 60 liter filling volume for wood (logs) with a size of 33-40 cm
- up to 4 hours burning per wood charge
- also as a boiler for the heating room
- with varios e-stove coverings
- Made in Germany by Thermoelect GmbH

Seebeck zero
water-bearing with high efficient wood-nano-cogeneration unit
for the generation of heat and domestic hot water
prepared for subsequent installation of a power e-modul with 250W

Seebeck 250W
for the generation of heat, domestic hot water and electricity
with termoelectric generators (TEGs) with 250 watts

Plus factors
- Optimal in combination with photovoltaic systems
- together with solar thermal energy and photovoltaic
- Less dependency on votaile oil, gas and electricity prices
- Can be combined with any heating technology
- Security of supply - Works in case of mains power failure

with 250 Watt

prepared for subsequent installation in the e-wood stove zero


Numbers of the Seebeck in standard tests, measured by TÜV-Rheinland:

At 10 KW partial load and 13% O2
- CO content 179 mg/m3
- NOx content 126 mg/m3
- CnHm 10 mg/m3

At 20 KW full load und 13% O2
- CO content 118 mg/m3
- NOx content 148 mg/m3
- CnHm 2,60 mg/m3
- Dust content 15,8 mg/m3

Seebeck in Numbers

250 watt of electricity for the entire house

- Furnace as energy consumer (control system + fans) 50 W
- Boiler pump 20 W
- Heating circuit pump 15 W
- LED lighting, 14 LED lamps each 5 Watt 70 W Fridge/Freezer A++ (Privileg PRB376, 196 l Fridge, 111 l  Freezer, peak load 150 W) 233kW/h each year with average load of 27 W
- MacBook Pro in grid operation (100% brightness, MP4 Film) 20 W
- Charge iPhone 10 W
- Charge tablet 10 W

The remaining electrical energy will be stored in the battery.